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An overview of around 215 facilities and 120 experts at a single click - the aim of the relaunch of the corporate website in 2017 was to present the versatility of the Vivantes network online and make it easy to navigate and clear for site visitors depending on their individual situation and needs.What’s more, the Vivantes E-Health strategy is continuously pursuing the objective of optimising the quality of the care services with the help of digital offers. The aim was to establish and further develop digital medical services and patient services, such as the online appointment booking service in 2019. 


For the website relaunch, in the concept and design phase, we scrutinised every single module from the ground up. In close cooperation with our customer, we developed numerous user stories based on the user and editor requirements, which we used as the basis for reconceptualising the website. The design was also adapted to the new concept and around 1,500 pages of content were individually designed: we developed a modular design system that the editors could use to ensure the optimal presentation of content, such as quality indicators, download materials, team pages and medical offers. Individual modules can now be combined with one another as desired and offer a huge amount of scope in editorial maintenance without seeming inconsistent or stilted on the website. Just like for the concept and design, we were also responsible for implementing the frontend and backend. Moreover, in the summer of 2019, we implemented an online appointment booking platform in react as a mobile app. This was connected to the interface of the software provider Samedi, which coordinates the appointment bookings.  


To make sure that users can quickly reach the right Vivantes contact partner and the right facility, we developed clear quick access points for both topics. The quick access points can be reached via two tabs that users can find on the right edge of the browser (or on the bottom edge on mobile devices) on all subpages. To make the quick access as easy as possible, the user can also search for a contact partner or a facility by specialist area or Berlin district. The results are shown directly in a separate result field in real-time. If the user accesses one of the result pages, they immediately receive an overview of the essential information on the experts and facilities. 

Patients also don’t have to spend much time looking for appointments or waste time in queues: by introducing the online appointment booking service, Vivantes shows that it is possible to book appointments more conveniently in the health care sector – and that online solutions are ideal. Our customer is one of the first providers of this service, especially with this sort of comprehensive scope: patients can use the service for more than 25 specialist areas across all locations and special offers. They also benefit from automatic appointment reminders sent by email and SMS. The result is an online appointment booking portal that is easy, fast and secure for the patient to use. This project is yet another reason why Vivantes is increasingly heading towards a digital patient portal. We look forward to our continued cooperation with our customer in future projects as part of the digital transformation and to helping to drive the development of digital services in the huge shift in healthcare. 



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