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Employee Interview // Frontend Developer Daniel

Heute möchten wir euch Daniel vorstellen. Er ist Frontendentwickler bei der brandung in Berlin. Wir freuen uns, dass er uns einen Einblick in seinen Arbeitsalltag gegeben hat. Das Interview haben wir in englischer Sprache geführt. 

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What are your tasks as a frontend developer? 
My main task is of course coding. But that’s just one part. Before you start writing code there’s a lot to concept to make a feature work and after it works, you’re not done, you must test it and get rid of eventual bugs. 
Managing Tickets in bigger projects is also a part of the developers work in bigger projects. It’s important to talk to the other teammates such as Backend, Concept/UX and UI. 

How does your typical workday look like? 
There’s no such thing as a typical workday. Every day looks different. On some days there are tons of meetings and you’re not able to write a line of code. This always feels a bit unsatisfying but, in the process, you see why you needed the talk. 
On other days I’m able to deep dive into the code and really work things out. These days feel productive, but my brain is empty in the evenings. ;-)

What is the biggest challenge in your position/at your work? 
Basically, meet the timeline and the budget of a project while delivering high-quality code. 

What qualities do you think you should have as a frontend developer at brandung, in addition to your technical skills? 
It’s important to be able to communicate and work in a high paste environment. It should be fun to be fully into the project and get things done together with your teammates. 
It also makes a lot easier if you’re aware of your own and your teammates skills, this way you can exchange knowledge and be faster with better quality. 


What is the most exciting project you have done/you are doing for a client? 
The web moves very fast and so the actual projects I work on are the most exciting. Right now, I am working on a frontend relaunch of an existing eCommerce shop using the newest Tech stack – that is for sure exciting and a lot of fun … and work. ;-)

What is special about your (frontend) projects at brandung? 
Our ability to choose the matching technologies and tools we want to use. Each developer has a say in what she/he likes to use. Our opinions always count on those decisions. We place a high value on developer experience (DX) and understand the value of it - that's why we work with tools such as react/next.JS.

New Work

What is your team day/profession day like? What do you like about the Team Day/Profession Day? 
We talk a lot – mostly we chose a specific topic, and we work on it in smaller groups. The profession day sets the base for new ways to work and to share knowledge in the Frontend Team. 

Where is your favourite mobile office place? 
Depends – sometimes I love to work from abroad sitting in my family’s garden but it’s also nice to have your own setup at home where you had the chance to choose everything from the standing desk to the curved display. This is best for my back. 😀


How would you describe the team spirit at brandung? 
It includes everyone, and it also gives space for individual needs. We have a flat hierarchy; everyone is invited to give feedback or suggest new ideas.

How would your colleagues describe you? 
A bit stubborn here and there I guess but also with a lot of commitment and passion for what we’re doing.

Where in Kreuzberg (or near brandung) can you get the most delicious lunch? Your recommendation please! 
Café Mugrabi next to Görlitzer Park for sure. It’s just a small bike ride away which is good to get back into work mode after a big plate of Sabich or Hummus. 


How can others recognize your desk at the office? 
Lots of things: at least 3 bottles of sparkling water, snacks, and my sports clothing are hanging somewhere to dry. My yoga ball to sit on, a second pair of shoes under the desk and two types of headphones.

What would be your KPI? e.g. 8 hours of sleep, 3 cups of coffee, etc.? 
At 7 am HIIT session at the gym to get the day started, combined with some coffee and good lunch food your energy levels stay up the whole day.

What do you wish for the future (professionally or personally - as you like)? 
A new M1 MacBook Pro (just kidding it’s already on the way), I wish to keep growing my skill set, improve my coding is always a goal but what really makes the world go round are soft skills.


Why should a frontend developer join your team? 
I think it’s a great place to sharpen your skills, with a constant flow of different projects which bring new technologies to learn and stay on top of the web dev world.

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