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Online Marketing: We push your conversions with SEO, SEA, E-Mail Marketing & Co.

Your corporate website, your online store or your campaign could use some more traffic? Are you planning a relaunch to ensure your visibility? You want to be positioned accordingly across all channels to be able to address your target group and reach users who have been inactive? brandung develops holistic online marketing concepts for you – we optimize your funnel as well as your performance and thus make your digital presence not only visible, but measurably successful.
Full Service Online Marketing bei brandung mit SEO, SEA, E-Mail Marketing
Brandung’s Online Marketing Services for Your Sustainable Succes

Full Service

At brandung, we take a 360 ° look at your online presence with an in-house team of online marketing experts: starting with a professional web analysis (Google Analytics, Econda, etc.), we determine your current situation of all KPIs achieved to date. Together as a team we then develop goals and agendas for the online marketing channels that you use. Here, we focus on cost-revenue improvement, traffic optimization and refinement of your traffic. Furthermore, thanks to years of experience in various digital advertising disciplines, we will assist you in constantly maximizing the conversion rate (CR) of your website. Our SEO team works according to high standards and continuously elevates its skill set – therefore you will benefit from relevant recommendations and ongoing optimization potential.

We offer you a full-service-kit for a holistic online marketing approach:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine advertising (SEA)
  • E-mail marketing
  • Performance or content marketing

Together we will find the perfect solution to make your digital presence sustainable and successful.

Professionelle SEO Beratung von brandung für mehr Traffic und Sichtbarkeit
We Optimize Your Search Engine Performance

SEO for More Traffic & Visibility

It’s actually really simple: SEO is one of the most important and cheapest online marketing channels. Optimization for search engine success means you take your customers’ wishes and intentions seriously and serve them successfully.

Brandung has internalized the fact that a good performance in search engine inquiries is the key for your online marketing success. What does that mean in concrete terms though? SEO specialists, UX designers and developers have to work together right off the bat to make the structure, content and technical implementation of your digital project (online store, corporate website, etc.) as user-friendly as possible. Here at brandung we made this a part of our daily operations – and topic alike such as:

  • Loading time optimization
  • SEO-friendly structure concepts (or conversions during relanches)
  • Onpage optimization
  • Index management

These are just a few examples in which our experts work closely together.

Your project will be managed comprehensively and in your interest by our SEO team – from the first step on to the final approval.

We will start with an analysis of your digital presence, which is underpinned with a technical SEO audit. This makes not only the potential for optimization in the area of index and error page management, but especially the potential for structural optimizations, more tangible. Structural optimizations supported by analytics data prevent well performing areas of your online presence from being inadvertently removed.

Moreover, we assist you in keywording, monitoring and continuous optimization of your website. Brandung also helps you with ranking losses due to Google updates and with a potential analysis to expand your search engine ranking success.

With frequent meetings we align SEO aspects with your digital marketing strategy. Weekly or monthly reports are provided for you to keep up with what is currently happening and what still needs to be done.

brandung hat Experten für CRM und E-Mail Marketing
Knowing Touchpoints and Retaining Customers

CRM and Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the main disciplines in online marketing. Implemented correctly, you have a powerful tool at hand to strengthen and expand your customer relationships in the long run.

But not every newsletter is successful – it requires an in-depth analysis, planning and conception to achieve your strategic goals. And our team offers you just the support you need for this: together we will analyze, plan and design overarching email marketing strategies and finally we will implement for you.

Since email marketing is still one of the very few bi-directional online marketing channels, we help you turn your current newsletter activities into an efficient customer loyalty program. Here, just a few examples of what you can expect from us:

  • Touch-point analysis to uncover where you could and should communicate with your customers and how
    • Newsletter
    • Occasion-related mailing such as birthday mailings
    • Service mails
  • Optimization of welcome sections to improve sign-up rates
  • A/B testing to implement to push further optimization

Thanks to our profound CRM know-how, we are able to support you in using the collected data in a compliant and efficient way according European and especially German data protection laws (DSGVO & E-Privacy). This will turn your newsletter into a powerful and lasting component of your online marketing mix.

Erstklassige Beratung für Conversionrate Optimierung (CRO) bei brandung
Closing the deal successfully: CRO is the Top Discipline in Online Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Your online store is done. Traffic to your store is satisfactory if not good. Sales are promising. So, what now? The magic term here is conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Analytics, SEO and User Experience (UX) are closely linked to help you refine your traffic – because these usually offer the greatest potential. Through data driven UX optimization, help you to better respond to your customers’ needs. Sometimes it’s even enough to change the color of a button to prompt site visitors to add more products to their shopping carts. Also optimizing page texts (SEO & content optimization) can lead to reduced bounce rates. Otherwise, redesigning your checkout process will make the funnel more successful.

Due to years of experience in the field of digital communication & e-commerce, our team will discover room for improvement which will give you quick wins with very little effort.

Don’t be satisfied with the first few successes. Brandung’s continuous performance optimization approach often gets much more out of your online marketing activities than is currently imaginable.

Schnelle Erfolge mit SEA und Google Shopping

Achieving Success with SEA and Google Shopping

To complete your online mix, we also offer services regarding search engine advertising (SEA) and Google Shopping:

  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA): Paid search engine advertising for quick results: Shopping, AdSense, SmartShopping
  • Google Shopping: From product feed to Merchant Center to AdWords – we provide everything you need to know to benefit from the world’s largest search and advertising platform

Our Services For You

Detailed Analysis

First, we examine the current situation of your used channels and perform a professional (web) analysis (for example, with Google Analytics, Econda, etc.) for co-defined KPIs.

Audit, Recommendations for Action & Support

Next, we draw up the results of the analysis in a technical SEO audit and determine how the potential for optimization can be used and implemented. We support you in improving your overall performance, such as keywording and monitoring.

UX & Conversion Rate Optimization, SEA & Social Media Marketing

In order to improve your conversion rate and to be able to respond even more specifically to the wishes of your customers, we rely on data driven UX optimization next to Analytics and SEO. Furthermore, we advise you in regards to email marketing, the implementation of SEA and social media marketing as well as advertising.


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