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Experience eats pricing for breakfast. And if you want to captivate users with your customer experience, you need one thing: the right content strategy. Relevant content is the universal key to a successful customer journey. You achieve more visibility in search engines, more attention from users – or simply: loyal, enthusiastic customers. At brandung, we take a full-service approach to help you create a compelling and unique content experience. We make your company’s expertise accessible and perceptible while meeting (undiscovered) needs of your users. Together, we create experiences for every touchpoint that increase your ROX (Return on Experience) and deliver sustainable and measurable success.

Your Customers Love Content – And So Do Your Business Goals

Content answers the only important question we ask ourselves as a customer, employee or user: “Why?” – Why should I buy this product? Why should I choose this service provider and not another one? Why should I work for this company? The answer to “why-questions” addresses our limbic brain structures, in which emotions (such as loyalty and trust) are processed. These emotions play a major role in (purchase) decision-making processes. After all, these decisions are largely made on an emotional level rather than a rational level. This is where content (experience) comes into play as it fulfills two important functions for us:

  1. Brand positioning: you as a company/brand have the chance to show off your expertise as well as attitude and values through relevant content
  2. Customer Centricity: you as a company/brand can meet the needs of your target and retain their loyalty successfully by providing relevant content

Therefore, good content kills two of your overarching (business) goals with one stone. And “content first” as a strategic approach in digital projects allows modules and functions for websites, stores, etc. to be designed in a more targeted way right from the start – for a consistent and efficient project process.

But there is plenty of content out there, so it is extremely important to stand out from the crowd. Each one of us has an exciting story to tell. We all have a high level of expertise, the best service or great products to sell. Whether it’s for the online store, the corporate blog on the website or any other digital platform: our goal must be to create the “perfect match” between individual (user) need and relevant content that has not yet developed or fulfilled by anyone else. In other words, the identification of personal customer needs and the precise delivery of relevant content to different touchpoints has never been as important as it is today.

By the way when we say “relevant content” we also mean search engine optimized content. At brandung for example, we don’t distinguish between “texts” and “SEO texts” according to Google guidelines. Why is that? Because the main goal of our content is to always satisfy the user. And if the user is happy, so are Google & Co. The ranking factor E-A-T (expertise - authority – trust), for example, checks nothing other than the fact that a website is the most competent and trustworthy source for the respective user’s intent.


Relevant content finds its foundation in the perfect mix of data and creativity: at brandung we combine expertise in the (qualitative and quantitative) evaluation of your target group’s needs and the subsequent development of creative solutions – in other words, individual emotional benefits which will inspire your customers. With our cross-functional team of content strategist, UX & UI designers, SEO specialists and copywriters, we support you strategically, conceptually and editorially – and therefore develop your content experience together.

Our approach to content projects is based on Simon Sinek’s “Golden Circle” (leadership) model, which focuses on people and their needs. Brandung’s “Golden Circle of Content” consists of three concentric circles that have a joint effect:

  • WHY: Why do you do what you do? Here we establish brand positioning, “purpose” and (emotional) target group needs
  • HOW: How do we provide users and customers with access to your product/services? Here we develop customer journeys and build your content marketing funnel
  • WHAT: What do we need for this? Here we develop different content formats & types

“WHY?” Goals & Customer Needs Must Be Clear

“Start with why”: demystify the solution for your “why”. This way we address your customers or users on an emotional level and create space for identification (with your brand). Because: “People don’t buy what you do – they buy why you do it”. First, we focus on your “why” before we place your “what” (product/service). For our two (business) goals this means:

  1. Brand Positioning: why do you do what you do?
  2. Customer Centricity: why are you the best product/solution/service?

So, clarifying the “why” forms the core of the “Golden Circle of Content” from which your entire content experience can be derived. When companies or brands focus their attention on the customer needs, they can also position themselves as an expert or solution provider for that need. Instead of thinking in silos (by product, etc.), we have to put customers or users, with their needs and interests along their entire customer journey (including all touchpoints) at the center of our actions. This is simply because their attention is limited in the digital cosmos - and they only stick around where they feel directly understood. If our solution meets the user's needs at all touchpoints, we ensure a good customer experience - and are glad to see happy users and happy search engines, which reward us with excellent rankings, high visibility and reach, and lots of (organic) traffic.

“HOW?” How do we invite users into your world?

How do you answer your “why”? The middle circle in the “Golden Circle of Content” revolves around how we can give your users and customers the best access to your company and services. To do this, we develop content and channel strategies, create customer journeys and build your content marketing funnel.

We use (digital) storytellingto present your USPs and solutions for needs of your target group in exciting stories. To do so, we don’t build “silo stories”, but logical customer journeys that inspire users. Also relevant: digital storytelling requires proven technological know-how. For an optimal responsive and mobile first design, we need to know which content needs to be displayed when on different devices and especially small screens, so that it is perceived in the best way possible. At brandung, we develop stringent storytelling & scrollytelling that intuitively guides your users through your content.

To look at the different stages in the decision/purchase process of your customers from the company’s point of view, the model of the “marketing hourglass”, the extended sales/marketing funnel including the post-purchase phase, helps. The good news is that content can help you achieve any of your goals, from attracting more attention to building customer loyalty. You can use your expertise to create content fireworks, but you should always have the users’ needs at the various touchpoints of the customer journey in mind: 

  • Awareness: content that attracts attention – clear, intuitive, activating and easily sharable
  • Consideration: advisory content that demonstrates expertise, solutions and builds trust
  • Purchase: conversion-driven content
  • Loyalty: content that keeps your customers engaged at a high level
  • Advocacy: interactive content that turns your customers into brand ambassadors

To ensure that you are successful with your content experience in the long run, keep an eye on your users and your goals or KPIs at every stage of your “marketing hourglass” – or hand over this area of responsibility to a partner at your side. Because that’s the good thing: the success of content is measurable!

„WHAT?“ Time for the full content range

Once we have successfully mastered answering your “why” and “how”, the time has come for the “what” – content formats and types. For this, we can make use of the infinite variety of content and develop engaging, target-group-specific formats for you. We then distribute these on the appropriate channels to accompany your users and customers on their customer journeys in the best way possible.

Content has many facets and functions – always depending on user intent and your KPIs for the respective phase or stage of the content marketing funnel. Examples of content formats are: 

  • Text: website/e-commerce texts, eBooks, whitepaper, …
  • Visual content: images, illustrations, infographics, …
  • Audio content: podcasts, …
  • Video content: explanatory videos, product demos, …
  • Interactive content: events, workshops, user-generated content, gamification applications, …

Adequate content seeding ensures that the various content formats are always played out on the appropriate channels, such as:

  • Websites, landing pages, blogs
  • Apps
  • E-Commerce platforms
  • Newsletter
  • Social media and social media advertising

At this point, let’s finally come to the “what” we as brandung offer you in the area of content experience. You will find our range of services below.

Unsere Content Leistungen

Brand & Content Strategy

Content Audits & Analysis

Content Planning & Conception

Content Management

Customer Journey Mapping

Digital Storytelling

UX & UI Design


Reporting & Performance Measurement

Our “WHY” for you: Why Content Experience with brandung?

Now you will understand when we say: “The perfect customer experience is content experience!“ At brandung, we not only come up with ideas for really good content , but also the relevant skills and experience. That’s what you can expect from us:

  • Full Service: content strategists, UX & UI designers, SEO specialists and copywriters form the ultimate content taskforce that will advise and support you in a 360-degree approach. As we are a full-service digital agency, you will also benefit from proven technological expertise and the respective staffing with industry experienced account and project managers as well as qualified frontend and backend developers. We develop websites, apps, portals and e-commerce solutions and have the complete digital vision.
  • Many years of industry expertise in B2B and B2C: whether in the insurance and finance sector, in the NGO and healthcare sector, in industry, FMCG, fashion & lifestyle, fitness, sports or in the Fußball Bundesliga. We have been operating for over 17 years with around 200 employees at two locations for customers from a wide range of industries.
  • Agile partner: we are an owner-managed agency with a strong hands-on mentality. It’s part of our job that we know what’s important at the moment. We live digital trends and formats and implement them every day. And when we build your content experience, we approach it with a focus on quick results. When we develop end-to-end content strategies, we break down the big picture into small pieces and get started right away. At the same time, we look to optimize and structure existing content in a targeted way so that you simply get more out of your content. You will always work with a small, specialized project team and directly approachable contact partner.
User Centricity at brandung

Our competencies in the area of User Experience & User Interface Design

We know that the success of digital platforms depends on a good user experience. Therefore, we focus our work on your customers and all their needs. Here you can find out how we develop appealing concepts and designs with a certain wow effect.

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Digital Communication at brandung

Websites, portals, apps, online games & more!

User-centric design for a strong online brand experience! With appealing web designs and innovative technologies such as Typo3, Symfony, Magnolia or FirstSpirit, we develop websites, portals, apps or online games that turn your target group into loyal customers. Here you can find more information about our services in the area of digital communication.

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