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Agile project management at brandung

When we develop digital products for you, we need to be able to respond quickly to changing conditions or situations. What is the basic prerequisite to this end? Our agile development processes in accordance with Scrum and Kanban. And despite this, no two products or projects are alike. Here you can find out what this means for our common workflow.
agile project management

Working with us is like this:

In order to ensure an ideal project sequence it is important for us that we address your specific needs. The fact that we work in an agile way does not mean that we approach every project in the same way – on the contrary. We employ flexible models and always adapt to the individual requirements of a project in terms of the make-up of our team and our working methods.

To begin with we jointly analyse your status quo, we advise you strategically in terms of your goals and record your requirements in relation to the product. With a clear view, we initially focus on important functions and early operability instead of investing in too many features that subsequently impact upon the timetable and the budget plan. Short-term further developments are of course possible at any time in an agile setup.


Following this we move on to the planning stage: depending on the requirements of the project we define the areas of responsibility and coordinate matters with you as the stakeholder or product owner. Our project managers act as proxy product owners or Scrum masters, set up the requirements management in our Confluence tool and put together the development team.

In the next step we group together all the requirements in JIRA, a transparent ticket system. This provides the basis for an iterative development process and rapid communication. Each requirement is broken down into subtasks and can thus be processed in specified sprints in terms of the concept, design and technical development. Here we obviously regularly coordinate matters with you.

The GoLive is about to be launched! We provide you with intensive support during the deployment and also ensure optimal maintenance in addition to consistent and sustained further development following the release.

Innovatives Arbeiten

Your advantages in the field of agile project management:

  • Problems can be detected earlier and rectified more quickly.
  • Products can be tested and optimised more quickly
  • Results can be adapted to markets, competitors and technologies more quickly and in a less complicated manner
  • The communication runs simply and efficiently
  • Interdisciplinary teams develop innovative and user-friendly solutions

Our teams:

You gain the entire manpower for your project with us: more than 200 account and project managers, designers, UX concept developers as well as frontend and backend developers work at brandung. The team for your project will be put together in-house and with an interdisciplinary makeup. We jointly develop innovative and customised solutions in the agile development process in accordance with Scrum and Kanban. Find out more about your advantages in collaborating with us here.




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