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We make JOHN REED'S Brand Experience tangible online. With the relaunch of the website, the coolness and dynamism of the brand is given a new expression and it also becomes clear digitally: this is more than just a gym.


The aim of the joint project was to be able to transport the brand message digitally: The JOHN REED Fitness Clubs stand for extraordinary design with a club atmosphere. For example, the design team works with local artists whose influence is visible in elements from street art, ethno or modern art. Online, too, the musical and artistic components of the fitness studio provider were to be given greater focus and usability greatly simplified.


brandung took over the concept and design as well as the complete technical implementation for this project. The new design clearly reflects the lifestyle chic and boutique character of the gym provider. The interface design was developed to offer an optimal user experience at the same time. In addition, we gave the topic of individuality a central role in all development steps: the front end was implemented in React detached from the back end.


Music & Urban Culture: The new website is a vivid, visual brand experience in which the complex range of e.g. cyberobics, live courses, events and DJ's becomes directly tangible. The USP now catches the eye: Music & Design each have their own page. Animated video stages or micro animations in icons or headlines create a dynamic experience for the user. With lots of moving images or the music player as a feature, visitors are immersed directly in the JOHN REED flair. Topics such as corporate fitness are also displayed and, of course, registration for the unique studio experience can also be completed directly on the website. 

Within the McFIT Global Group, this digital lifestyle product has established itself as a benchmark for further projects. We are already working on new features and campaigns to continue to make the JOHN REED Fitness brand as exclusive and unique online as it presents itself in real life. 


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