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Save the Children Germany is one of 28 country-organizations, united as Save the Children Internation, the largest, independent children's rights organisation of the world. 

For a world, in which children grow up free and self-determined as well as being healthy and safe - this is what Save the Children is working for all over the world. It was our special interest, to present our customer Save the Children for their donors as well as people who are interested in their work with all their pojects, including the stories of the children behind these projects in the best possible way.


The aim of the website relaunch was, on the one hand, to make the online presence more emotional and to provide transparent information in order to build up trust with the site visitors. On the other hand, the website was to appear modern and responsive, thus creating a basis that also makes mobile donations easy and safe. Overall, it was essential to be able to respond to the requirements of various stakeholders and decision-makers.


For this project, we took over the full scope of services from concept and design to technical implementation and follow-up support. The site concept was developed in such a way that on the one hand it allows easy site navigation and on the other hand it directly reflects the vision of our customer. For a uniformed brand appearance, we integrated the look into the overall corporate design. We worked with vivid elements such as large picture stages and graphics to give users a visual authentic insight into the projects and the work in the application areas. For this purpose, we used storytelling modules to enable the tangible presentation of individual fates. We created transparency through functional features such as the donation calculator, which provides users with clear information on how they can support with their donation. All in all, we relied on a fully responsive TYPO3 site as a central system with which connected projects can be integrated via microsites and, even in the event of a crisis, a quick response is possible by integrating landing pages for special events.


In terms of content and visuals, the website now fully reflects the authenticity of our customer. The user is emotionally involved and comes much closer to the work of Save the children Germany - projects and stories come alive and can be experienced. The user experience has also been optimised in such a way that the two main levels now pick up the user at his current situation and guide him as required. The content and elements in this way signal transparency and make it easy for them to build trust.

Of course, the website is linked to the donation shop, which can be used to make payments for birth, learning or food packages, for example. The entire donation process has been optimised by us in terms of mobile usage and conversions and is constantly being developed further together with the entire online presence by means of user testing and AB testing. We have been a partner of Save the children Germany for three years now and have been very pleased to see how the digital donation volume has increased after the relaunch was implemented. We are currently in the process of developing various interactive campaign modules for the next few months and are particularly looking forward to continuing to digitally implement and further develop the important work of our client in the future.


Save the Children

Maintenace & further development fundraising platform


million EUR donations in 2018


financed projects


million supported children

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